Special appeal


  • Domestic Short Hair

  • 5 years 5 months

Magnus was very nervous when he first arrived at the centre and was unsure when he meets new people, he was abandoned so little is known about him. He wasn't well when he was first collected by our inspectors and spent some time at the animal hospital. Magnus is making great improvement every day and will now call out to you when he sees you, his favourite thing to do is eat and sleep, he may accept a calm female cat but no dogs for him. Due to Magnus being fearful we think a home with older secondary school children should be fine, Magnus just needs someone who can give him a second chance in life. In the right home we are confident he will turn into a loving family member.  Magnus is on a special diet at the moment but will be discussed with potential adopters, please don't let this put you off him. 

Special appeal


  • Lion head cross

  • 2 years

Lucky was found as a stay and picked up by one of our collection officers, we think she is around 2 years old but this is an approximate guess. She has been successfullt paired with Joey so a home with him is essential. She should be fine to go with children as long as they are supervised as rabbits can scratch. She just needs time to come round in her own time.

Special appeal


  • Lion head

  • 10 months

Joeycan be a little grumpy at times when trying to be picked up, but once he is sat with you he relaxes and enjoys your fuss and attention. Due to his breed/coat he will need grooming regularly to make sure he doesn't get back into bad condition again.He is currently paired with Lucky, so a home together will be needed. Children of any age should be fine for him so long as supervised. Joey is a sweet rabbit looking for his forever home.