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We have a variety of volunteering roles here at the RSPCA Lancashire East Branch. Volunteering is an enjoyable and rewarding way of helping animals in need.

Volunteering is a great way to meet like minded people who are passionate about animal welfare.

  • Volunteering can give you the opportunity to try something new and learn new skills

  • Volunteering could lead to change in career

  • Volunteering can help build confidence

  • With volunteering comes the feel good factor knowing you are contributing to a good cause.

  • Volunteering with us allows for contact with animals if your lifestyle and other commitments prevent you having pets of your own.

There are lots of different ways in which you can volunteer: Please click on the links below or in each of the testimonials for a full role outline.


Opportunities within the charity shop (Burnley)



Susan steaming some of the donated clothes in our Burnley charity shop

Volunteer retail assistant

I have always had a great love for animals, which stemmed from my Mother and Father.

I have volunteered with the RSPCA locally in various forms for over 60 years. My first voluntary role was helping at a coffee morning when I was 12 years old.

I began volunteering at the RSPCA Burnley Shop in 2008. 

It’s satisfying knowing that in some small way, my efforts help to make the lives of local animals in need better.

Over the years, the process of becoming an RSPCA volunteer has changed. I initially signed up with the RSPCA Colne Auxillary, before becoming involved with RSPCA Lancashire East Branch.

Susan x

Chris spends mornings helping with the cleaning and preparing feeds which we provide through enrichment such as kongs, boxes, towels, treat dispensers or lick matts.


 I started volunteering with the Lancashire East Branch of the RSPCA in February 2020.

I first thought about volunteering when I ran out of jobs to do at home after retiring.  I decided I needed to get out and about and do something with my time and meet new people.

I love dogs but sadly am unable to have my own I so  contacted my local RSPCA. I came for my induction and began helping out twice a week working alongside the staff with the dogs.

I thoroughly enjoy what I’m doing and would recommend it to anyone who has time on their hands.

The team at the RSPCA have been great, welcoming and supportive and happy to answer any questions.

I feel I have learnt so much more about dogs and have come such a long way. In fact I now feel confident in what I am doing and can help take some of the pressure off the team at busy times.

Chris  x

Chris will stay on for the afternoon helping to walk and train the dogs. All the dogs adore him.


I contacted the RSPCA to ask about becoming a volunteer and got through to a lovely lady. I completed the application form, attended an induction, where I was given a lot of information. Then I was ready to start.

My first day volunteering came and I was so excited but nervous at the same time. I didn't need to be everybody was so friendly and happy and always answered any questions I had.

I helped out cleaning kennels and doing laundry, then after some training I started walking the dogs. 

A part time job became available working in the rabbit unit. I applied and was successful. I am now doing my dream job and haven't looked back.

Maggie x

Maggie spending time with Charcoal the rabbit


After deciding to semi-retire, I decided to contact the RSPCA to see if it would be possible for me to foster dogs as I now felt that I had the time to do so.

I hadn't had a dog for over 45 years, and so I was a little apprehensive initially.  I needn't have worried, Sue (the foster coordinator) was amazing and reassured me that I would have all the support I needed.

My first dog has been Morris, a little blind shih tzu, who is the most adorable creature ever. I was provided with absolutely everything that I needed - food, equipment, toys, car harness - even poo bags! Looking after Morris hasn't cost me anything at all.  The cost wasn't an issue though, it was the knowledge that I could always call on Sue, or one of the team if I needed advice or reassurance. Everyone at the RSPCA centre at Altham has been so friendly and supportive that it has been a genuine pleasure to be a part of this wonderful organisation. I would not hesitate to recommend fostering to anyone who thinks that they can offer a dog or cat a temporary home. You will not regret it - I feel it has been a privilege to get to know my little pal Morris - he brings so much joy into my life. 

Wendy x


I began volunteering for RSPCA Lancs East in 2009 because of my love for animals and decided to put my fundraising experience to good use. Some years later, friends Helen and Nicki joined me. At first, we helped with store and street collections but, as they dwindled, we began "tagging onto" other people's fundraising events with a tombola or hoopla which have proved very popular and recently we've also had a stall at some Table Top Sales. We strive to inform people of our Branch as many don't know we exist and those who do are always keen to share stories of the pets they've had from our Centre. OK, so we don't actually work with the animals but we have great pleasure in knowing that the money we raise is put to good use caring for them and we meet some lovely people along the way.

Carol x


Growing up I have always loved animals, so volunteering for the RSPCA was an easy decision for me.

I wanted to spend some of my spare time working with animals and helping a good cause.
I’ve been volunteering with Lancashire East Branch for around 6 months, and I absolutely love it.

I help with cleaning out the kennels, walking the dogs and any other work that needs doing.

There’s always time for cuddling the dogs as well!
The staff are very welcoming, friendly, and always make you feel very appreciated for giving your time.

It’s so rewarding to see the animals progress under the care of the staff and then go on to find their forever homes.

Katrina x


We have been volunteer dog walkers at RSPCA Lancashire East for many years now.

One of us started in 2009 and the other following two years later. We turn up once a week, with sturdy walking shoes, old clothes, a pocket full of poo bags and a pocket full of treats.

We enjoy taking out two or three dogs each for walks between 30 minutes and an hour.

June and Glyn x

I joined the Lancashire East branch of the RSPCA in May 2021, after being made redundant. I initially started volunteering as a shop assistant, then becoming a volunteer van driver for both the Burnley
and Clitheroe charity shops, collecting items from donors in the local area in a small van .

This lets me help donors wishing to support the local animal centre who are unable to take donations directly into the shops. Making them feel that they are directly supporting the work the RSPCA do. This task
enables me to meet people and to see more of the local area. Seeing the work the shops do to support the centre.
Also, being a collection driver you are able to collect donations given by local shops and their customers, to take back to the centre were you get to meet some of the animals awaiting their new homes and see some off the work the staff at the centre do.
The job enables you to work at your own pace for at least part of the day, once the collections have been agreed by the local shops, allowing you to plan your trip and enjoy working and supporting the local branch of the RSPCA.

Brian x

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