We are happy to announce that from Monday 15th June we are commencing with the re-homing of our rabbits & some of our dogs. However we will have strict rules in place & will be adhering to strict social distancing measures in order to do so.

We still remain closed to the public but will be operating an appointment system in some instances. Please DO NOT attend site without a booked appointment as we will be unable to allow you access.

All animals available for adoption will be advertised on our website and social media accounts, if there is an animal which you are interested in adopting we ask that you contact us by phone on 01254 231118 so that we can discuss if the dog or rabbit you have chosen is the right match & send you an application form.

Rabbits will continue be re-homed virtually & brought to your home ensuring social distancing measures are followed.

Dogs fall under 2 categories, ones that can be re-homed virtually & brought to the adopters homes & Ones which will require adopters to visit the dog at the centre via appointment.

Please be patient & we ask for your understanding as not all circumstances can be catered for under the current procedure, some situations will still need an actual home visit which we are currently unable to do & we may ask you to get back in touch with us once covid - 19 restrictions are fully lifted.


Adoption Procedure

We are always trying to find the right home for the right animals. 


In order to do this, we put checks in place to make sure that we are making the right match between animal and family. This includes things such as a home visit, family visits to the centre and dog-to-dog meetups (if applicable).


Potential adopters may have to meet additional criteria if we have any special cases where animals need extra care or attention. 

Adoption fee prices

For dogs the first part of the adoption fee is taken as a non-refundable deposit of £10.00 at the time of reservation. For rabbits, ferrets and guinea pigs the deposit fee is £5.00. 

  • Dog - £125.00

  • Rabbit - £35.00

  • Ferret - £30.00

  • Guinea Pig - £15.00

All prices are correct up to May 2019. In order to keep up with day to day costs of the animals at the centre, adoption fees are subject to change.