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Bull Lurcher




2 years 1 month


Can I live with...







Introducing our gorgeous girl Tilly, who you will fall in love with on the first meet. Tilly has a beautiful personaitly and loves nothing more then to be around her handlers, relaxing in reception or in the real life room with our volunteers. She enjoys going out for long walks around the field and looking at all the wildlife in the trees. Tilly walks lovely on the lead but can pull slightly when she seen something interesting, she can be nervous of new thing and sometimes needs some reassurance.
Tilly is greats with others dogs and could possibly live with another calm, confident dog depending on the meets and She loves meeting new people and is friendly with everyone she sees, she loves to be one to great people first when she is behind reception. Sometimes Tilly can forget to keep all four paws on the floor and because of her size we feel she would be best suited to secondary school age children who are used to the bigger dogs.
Due her being a sight hound and her having a high prey drive she is currently being muzzle trained which would need to be continued in her new home. Once Tilly is settled in to her new home, we feel she would be ok to be left for short periods of time, she is vary clean in her kennel but like all our dogs here at the centre we cannot say weather or not Tilly will be house trained but we can help wth tips and advice on this.

Dogs Male only
Cats no
Kids secondary school age.

If you are interested in adopting


then please click here to download an application form. Please complete the form and send it to us at and we will get back to you if we think your home is a good match.

Due to the number of applications we will be receiving around this time, we will only contact those who we believe best match the criteria set out for each dog.

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