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Teddy and Bear are best friends who are looking for a home together where they can be spoiled rotten! They are both really friendly, affectionate dogs who love to be stroked and taken on walks together. Bear (the brown one) is the more confident of the two, always leading the way and greeting any new people enthusiastically. He loves to play with his toys - although he does like to destroy tennis balls and anything that squeaks! He will fetch, but will not give up his toy once he has it. He wants you to chase him for it! Teddy (the black one) on the other hand isn't interested in toys at all. He is happy to sit on your lap and have his tummy tickled. Teddy is more vocal and will bark at unknown noises, but he is really friendly and happy to meet new people whilst out and about. Both boys love their food - Teddy in particular, and will sit for a treat. They love exploring on walks, although due to their age, they can only manage about 15 - 20 minutes (3 times a day). Both dogs are house trained and haven't had any accidents whilst in foster care. They love to sleep on the sofa and bed with their human friend, rather than their own dog beds. Bear travels happily in the car, but Teddy does become stressed after a few minutes and will cry. Teddy does have a luxating Pattela to his back left leg but this warrants no treatment at this time.

If you are interested in adopting

Teddy & Bear

then please click here to download an application form. Please complete the form and send it to us at and we will get back to you if we think your home is a good match.

Due to the number of applications we will be receiving around this time, we will only contact those who we believe best match the criteria set out for each dog.

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