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Sykes is 4 yrs old Cockpoo he is a lovely boy but does need someone with experience with Cockpoo's to continue his training. Sykes has not had the best start and has been in foster since he came to us in February. Sykes is a super lovely dog but requires a lot of patience. While he enjoys training, certain things can be slow. He has had some challenging behaviours but with the support from his foster family he is managing to cope alot better. He has displayed some rescourse guarding with toys, and people. He is wary of new people espcially men but with the right encouragement he does accept them he loves treats so treats and quiet understanding, lots of positive reinforcement works really well with Sykes and he loves to learn. Sykes is a clown and will do anything for attention. it is best to keep him as calm as possible when he gets over excited as he can mouth on your arm. Sykes will not actively indicate that he needs to go outside, but he will wait until you let him out. He is not so keen to be bathed but he loves to be groomed and towel dry after a bath. We feel Sykes would not be suitable to live with cats or other dogs and all children need to be over 15yrs +

If you are interested in adopting


then please click here to download an application form. Please complete the form and send it to us at and we will get back to you if we think your home is a good match.

Due to the number of applications we will be receiving around this time, we will only contact those who we believe best match the criteria set out for each dog.

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