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Chihuaha X Shih tzu


Ginger and White


6 Years 7 months


Can I live with...







Our beautiful Gizmo is now available for rehoming. Due to his troubled past, his new family must be patient with him as he can be very nervous with meeting new people, especially men. Although he may look cute and cuddley Gizmo will not be your typical lap dog. Gizmo likes being left to his own devices and will iniciate affection on his terms. His favourite toys to play with are soft toys, he has been known to iniciate play as well. He walks well on the lead and likes the occasional short walk. He has had very good encounters with other dogs here at the centre so he might able to go with another pending successful meets. We have observed some seperaion anxiety traits with him here at the centre, so we are looking for a family who is around most if not all of time and willing to help to Gizmo gain his independance. As with him being in kennels we cannot say for definate that he will be house-trainined but help and advice is always be at hand regarding training. With Gizmo being timid, children will have to over the age of 15 years and Gizmo has lived with cats in the home previous but again this will on successful meets also.

If you are interested in adopting


then please click here to download an application form. Please complete the form and send it to us at and we will get back to you if we think your home is a good match.

Due to the number of applications we will be receiving around this time, we will only contact those who we believe best match the criteria set out for each dog.

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