Patterdale terrier




3 years 3 months


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older secondary school





Rosie is a sweet little girl, who would love nothing more than to have her forever home where she can have cuddles, sun-bathe and go for long walks with her special someone. She can get a little stressed when left alone for long periods of time, therefore, until she settles in her new home, will need somebody around most of the day. As an ex-hunting dog, Rosie is muzzle trained and therefore will need to wear it when out in public places to avoid chasing furry little creatures. Rosie enjoys her long walks, so we are looking for someone with an active lifestyle who can provide this. She can be nervous and uncomfortable when meeting new people, especially men, but because of her intelligent nature can be quick to bond and learn new things. Her lead etiquette is nice and relaxed, however, can pull slightly when she catches the trail of something interesting. As Rosie has been with us in kennels we don’t know if she is toilet trained, However, she does spend most of her time in the office and has been clean. Advice will be given if this becomes an issue within the household. Rosie can tolerate smaller, calm dogs when out and about but doesn’t like larger breeds especially if they are vocal and boisterous. Due to this, Rosie will have to be the only dog and unfortunately no cats either due to background. Children will need to be older secondary school children because of her nervousness meeting new people. Experienced home is needed due to her special requirements.

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