2 1/2 Years


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Meet Rolo, this sweet boy loves chasing a ball although he will not always bring it back to you. He loves his walks and enjoys exploring the world through his nose. Rolo walks lovely on lead, however he does become strong when he sees another dog. He can be dog reactive however this seems to be through frustration of wanting to see another dog, therefore the staff have been teaching him to keep calm when he sees another dog and that he cannot go up to every dog he sees. His reactivity may be elevated in here due to increased stress from being in kennels where his is really struggling. He seems less reactive away from the centre as when he sees dogs offsite he does not bark at them, suggesting reactivity may decrease once he is settled in the home. However his training with remaining calm around other dogs must be continued by his new owners and we will provide you with a personalised training plan to help him reach his end goal. Rolo is good around traffic and loves people, however he does not like being left alone and can become mouthy when leaving him. Therefore he is going to need somebody who is around most of the time who can teach him that it is okay to be left alone and advice will be given on how to overcome this. As with any dog that leaves the centre, we cannot say whether Rolo will be house trained or not, however we will provide you with guidance on this should it become a problem. Rolo will need somebody with experience in reactive dogs who is active and can provide him with his daily exercise, he will need to be the only pet in the house and any children present must be at least 14 years or older.

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