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Meet the dashingly handsome Reggie. This boy looks as though butter would not melt but looks can be deceiving, he is a very sweet and affectionate boy but as he is only 10 months old he is very much a boisterous puppy. He's had very little basic training and can be quite mouthy when he is overexcited, therefore Reggie is looking for somebody who has experience with Akitas, and in training big boisterous puppies who can teach him the basics, puppy classes would be beneficial for him. He is good with people and other dogs however due to his boisterous nature he is often inappropriate when meeting and will jump up, therefore his new owners will need to work on this with him. He has found kennel life very stressful, he suffers from separation anxiety and does not enjoy being left alone and will rip up his bedding. Therefore he will need an owner who is around most of the time who can work on his separation anxiety to show him it is okay to be left alone. The home he came from stated he was house trained and since being at the centre he is always clean in his kennel, suggesting he is house trained although he may have a few accidents when first settling in. Reggie is looking for experienced dog owners who are active, have the time to train him and also have a big garden for him to have a good burn off in. Due to his boisterous nature he would need to be an only dog, no cats and any children present must be at least 14 years and older.

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