French bulldog


Merle & white


1 year


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Queenie is a little pocket Rocket who is full of energy. She has interacted well with all other dogs she has met at the centre although she can be a little overwhelmed by bigger dogs. She could potentially live with other like minded dogs who enjoy playing pending successful introductions. Whilst she has been with us she has learnt to be clean in her kennel & we are confident that this will transfer to the home once she has settled in. She loves people and should be fine to live with children aged 8 upwards. She is growing in confidence daily & learning walks are fun and not as scary as first thought. She does however prefer shorter walks more often than trekking for miles. She does have some of the usual French bulldog health issues and we will explain in more detail when we speak to the successful candidate.We don't have any history of what she would be like around cats but she is so loving we think she would be keen to meet but this would need to be supervised due to her boisterous, giddy nature. Please note that the adoption fee for Queenie is £800.00.

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