Rottie x Staffie


Black and White


3 years 7 months


Can I live with...







Meet the gorgeous Milo, this sweet boy enjoys his fusses and playing with toys. He has found kennel life stressful he was nervous of the staff initially but with time, patience and hot dog sausages he began to trust us. Although he has improved considerably, he can still be wary of people, so please do not be disheartened if he does not take to you straight away. He loves his treats so the way to his heart is through sausages and we will also guide you to ensure your first meeting with him goes well. He has also been reactive towards dogs at the centre, he is better walking past them offsite but again, his training with this will need to continue in the home. Although we will provide you with tips on how to help him with this in a personalised training booklet, somebody with experience in handling reactive dogs is desirable. He can be strong on-lead when he sees another dog, but overall he walks lovely on lead and enjoys exploring the world through his nose. He does not like being left alone, therefore he will need somebody who is in most of the time to show him it is okay to be left alone. Again we will provide you with tips on how you can deal with this. He also needs to wear a muzzle for the vets this is because he can sometimes be uncertain of being restrained, and although he has improved massively with this it must be worn for safety. He is quite clean in his kennel and could potentially be house trained, however he could possibly have a few accidents when he first comes home. We will provide you with guidance on how to overcome this should it be a problem. If you are somebody who enjoys training, Milo is the boy for you; he is very intelligent, loves treats and learning new tricks. Reward-based training would be a brilliant way of forming a strong bond with him. Milo needs to be the only dog in the house where there is no other pets and any children present must be 16 years and older due to his nervous nature.

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