German shepherd


Black and tan


4 years


Can I live with...







Max is a very handsome boy who loves playing with his toys.. He has found it stressful in the kennel environment and can be reactive to dogs and some people who take him by surprise, so we have trained him to happily wear a muzzle whilst he is out on walks. Max needs a home with an owner who has had previous experience of the breed and who can spot the signs of over excitement early enough to help him remain calm so he can make the right decisions. Max has had training to help him past this reactiveness and has shown great improvement however his new owners must be willing to continue this and training advice will be given. He is very responsive and loving once he knows his boundaries, so long as you are calm but confident with him. He has got some health issues that will be discussed at point of enquiry. With all this in mind and the fact Max is such a big boy he must be the only pet in the house with adult only adopters. All Max wants is a second chance at his happy ever after and to be the loving, loyal companion we know he can be.