2years 7 months


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Marta has been a long term resident at the centre who has also spent time in a foster home. Although she has some anxiety issues when she knows she can trust you she is a very loving and friendly girl
Due to her special circumstances we are initially seeking a foster family for her ongoing rehabilitation., Our chosen fosteres must live within 30-40 minutes from the centre and be willing to keep written records of her progress and maintain a close liason with our centre staff and dedicated behaviourist. If all goes well then full adoption can take place.
Marta had a difficult start to her life which has resulted in her being fearful,of some people and situations, including being left on her own, Much work has been undertaken to help her cope with this and there has been significant progress. More needs to be done and it is imperative for her well being that it is continued,
Marta is on prescribed medication (supplied by the centre)and the fosterer will be required to dispense these to her, under our direction. It is hoped to wean her off these medications whilst she is in foster care and when she is more settled.
Full guidance will be given to any fosterer willing to undertake Martas care, up to and including behaviourist visits if required.
Due to her special requirements we recommend an adult only family with no other pets.
Also a garden is a must for her as she finds new environments stressful & initially needs to build confidence in her own environment with her new people before venturing out into the wider world.