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Introducing the lovely Louis. This beautiful boy is looking for a home with patient owners that understand he can be cautious when meeting new people. He may not come running up to you straight away, however with time patience and treats he will soon show you his barmy side. Once Louis gets to know you he is a very loving affectionate dog that enjoys cuddles. He generally walks well on lead but can come to a standstill if he doesn't want to go in a certain direction. We believe this could be due to lack of confidence. Louis is an excitable and bouncy boy and he will need an active home who can provide him with the daily exercise he needs. He is good with dogs, but needs to learn he cannot meet every dog he sees and he new owners will need to continue this training with him. He has been used as a hunting dog before he came to us and for this reason he will always need to be walked wearing a muzzle. As with any dog that comes from kennels, we cannot say whether Louis is house trained, however we can provide you with tips and advice on how to overcome this should it be an issue. Once settled, Louis could be left alone for short periods of time. He could possibly be re-homed with another dog, this would be subject to them meeting. The existing dog must be confident, would accept a new dog in the house, and match Louis' excitable and bouncy nature. No cats for Louis as he is a sight hound. Any children present must be 14 years or older.

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Due to the number of applications we will be receiving around this time, we will only contact those who we believe best match the criteria set out for each dog.