Cross Breed


White and Tan


3 Yrs 4mths


Can I live with...


Mature Secondary School





Hulk is his name but he is definitely not angry. He is however a big boy and if you would like to adopt him, understand that he needs lots of room to move and a large accessible vehicle. When he first arrived Hulk was extremely strong on his lead and determined to get where he wanted to go. With our training he has begun to learn better manners and is much more engaged with his handler. He still needs guidance and therefore continuing training is required by his new family, as well as their being strong physically. Hulk is very friendly with people and most dogs, however if they shout at him he will likely talk back. Mostly he is well mannered, if occasionally a little excited when he meets new dogs.. He adores physical contact with his humans but his dreams of being a lap dog means you will need strong legs and a sturdy settee!"

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