Black and Tan


8 yrs 11 mths


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Meet our lovely Ben. He is a mature dog who did not have the best time before arriving at our centre and our first focus was helping him recover from poor skin condition and eye infection. He came to us at a whopping 13.4kg after a strict diet and some light exercise, he now weighs just over 9kg and is just full of life and energy. He loves his food so his new owners would need to ensure he maintains his weight. He does not need a lot of exercise so if you are looking for an active dog he is not the one for you. He is happy having gentle walks and he just loves relaxing with staff behind reception. He dreams of moving into a nice quiet home where he could continue to relax and bask in the care and love of his new owners. We think Ben has some depth perception problems where he finds it difficult to judge how close an object is to him. Therefore you will need to be slow when going to stroke him or clipping his lead on as fast motions close to his face can startle him and he may nip you. Also a few times when he has been behind reception he has chased feet if somebody has got too close to him and he feels as though he has nowhere to go. Although this has not been a major problem and has only happened on one or two occasions, it is just something to bare in mind. Ben seems to settle well in his kennel, therefore when he is settled in his new home he may be left alone for short periods of time. As with any dog that comes from kennels we cannot say whether he is house trained, however you will be given tip and advice on how to overcome this should it be a problem. Ben is looking for quiet home with no other pets so all the attention can be lavished on him, and any children present must be at least 14 years an older.

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