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Bear was aptly named as you will realise when you see him. He is a lovely natured dog who adores physical contact with his humans.He can be vocal at times when meeting new dogs (although he has happily lived with other dogs before) and after investigation Bear was recently diagnosed with Progressive Retinal Atrophy This means at some future time he will completely lose his sight. Although he currently does have vision it is impaired and we feel if he is taken by surprise it can cause him to be a little anxious. Bear has done work with unfamiliar dogs at the centre and he has shown that with careful introductions he is quite happy. To further help Bear the staff at the centre have been training several new cues that will help him navigate when he eventually loses his sight and you will be given this in formation should you choose to adopt him. Other than for ensuring your home environment remains the same and uncluttered, living a life with a blind dog should be equally as rewarding and fun than a sighted dog. Blind dogs cope exceedingly well using their sense of smell and hearing.
Due to his large size we recommend adult adopters or a family with older secondary school age children. Other dog households will also be considered subject to successful meetings. No cats in the home for him.

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