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Meet our beautiful live wire Barry. This boy is a typical crazy energetic staffy bundle of love. He came to us totally emaciated but through the love and care from our staff here, he is now a healthy weight and loving life. He can be mouthy when over-excited, although he has improved with this, his new owners will need to continue this training. Since he has put on weight and is now full of energy, Barry can pull on the lead and this is something his new owners will need to continue working on in the home. He can become strong when walking past dogs, but he will move on and doesn't want to say hello or like them in his face. He has been known to eat things he shouldn't so his owners will need to keep a watchful eye on him. Once settled in his new home, Barry has the potential to be left alone for a few hours. As with any dog that comes from kennels, we cannot say whether he will be house trained or not. We will provide you with tips should this become a problem. Barry is a food orientated, smart boy who loves to learn and would definitely benefit from training classes to learn some basic life skills. If you are a staffy fanatic or just love a crazy dog, Barry is the boy for you! Barry will need to live as an only dog in a house where there are no other animals, and any children present must be 16 years and older due to his boisterous nature.

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