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2 years


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Secondary School age





Barney is the most loveable & affectionate boy who loves nothing more than cuddles & being groomed.
Sadly Barney was born with neurological issues which cause him to hyper extend when walking & he is quite wobbly at times. We here think this just adds to his amazing character & charm.
When Barney first arrived at the centre he needed 2 people to help him walk but now after lots of rehab with the staff he walks solidly once in his stride. As part of his rehab program he does plenty of hill work & now walks up small sets of steps (stairs would be too much for him at this stage) & only needs 1 handler.
Previously he had led a very sheltered life mainly living in the kitchen area of his old home. Because of this everything is new & exciting to him but he is very open to new experiences & enjoys new adventures. He can get a little over excited & due to his neurological issues this can make him a little more unsteady on his feet so care is needed to help him. He also has a poor perception of depth & when sniffing, the ground may take him a bit by surprise.
Although he had been allowed to toilet in his previous home & lived in the kitchen permanently he has become very clean in his kennel & we are confident that he will housetrain if kept to a good routine. He thrives from routine.
Barney loves other dogs but can get very overexcited during the initial meet which can result in him bouncing round like a new born lamb.
He will need to continue rehab & unfortunately hydro didn't work out for him so lots of land based exercises which we will show you how to do. Barney learns despite his difficulties & can now sit when asked (this was impossible at the beginning) He also loves to chase squeaky toys. He is happy sitting & watching the world go by & we like to let him as this also gives him a rest & is great for his socialisation skills.
Other dogs & secondary school aged children should be fine but no cats for Barney.
Please give us a call if you think you can offer Barney the very special home he needs.

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