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4 Year


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Timothy is a 4 years old and was brought the centre after a road traffic accident he has been living in foster care ever since. Timothy loves his food and being fussed over. He like to be combed and pushes into the grooming mitt. After a few minutes this turns into a fun game as he wriggles around both the comb and the mitt. Unfortunately for Timothy he has had to be confined to his cage for most of his time with me, but now we are a few weeks in he is being allowed out for a few minutes whilst his cage is tidied up. Friendly should be Timothy’s middle name and he is a joy to have around. He head butts kisses and loves to curl up on a knee and goes to sleep, an ideal tv buddy. His coat is luscious and soft with chocolate undertones. His fur is fine and does need grooming, ideally every day to keep it lovely and tangle free,
Sometimes he doesn’t know how to channel his feelings as he tries to get as close as possible and cuddle up he might give a tiny nip but that’s only because he wants to show how much he loves you. This will stop when he knows that you are there for him. He is not at all aggressive or confrontational. He is a dream of a cuddle bunny.

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